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Author Services / Writing Services

Published author / editor Neale Sourna works with online clients worldwide of fiction, nonfiction, and semifiction: USA, Canada, Australia, England, Germany, Poland, China, Russia, Sweden, and more.

Accepting viable clients through / Upwork ,, and PayPal (if established previous client).


  • Creative Writing [fiction writing & story writing, nonfiction, technical writing (keeping the precision but making it user friendly]
  • Dialog Writing and Doctoring (specific to character, history, incident)
  • Writing Multi-layered Characters (developing and improving; inner and outer motivations; emotions and mannerisms) for screenplays, novels, and scripts
  • First or Hard Time Writing a Novel? A Fictionalized Memoir? Novel Writing Help (first rough draft, revised drafts, and polished final drafts)
  • Original Screenplay Writing, Screenwriting [Screenwriter] / Scriptwriting - Script Writing [Scriptwriter] / Script Doctor (powerful descriptions, sharp dialogue and character plotting) in screenplay format Word.doc or Open Office, Professional Help to Write a Screenplay or Write Movie Scripts or Film Script
  • Creative Web Content
  • Game Writing [Game Writer] / Game Story Narrative
  • Ghostwriting/Ghost Writing [Ghost Writer / Ghostwriter for Hire], Ghostwriter Wanted? / Ghostwriter Needed? / Need to Find a Ghostwriter? Hire a Book Ghostwriter or Hire a Ghostwriter for Novel? (yours) whether (fiction, novels, screenplays) / African American Ghostwriter / Black Ghostwriter? (fiction, novels, screenplays), Ghostwriter Authors' Help
  • Ghost-editing (novels, screenplays)
  • Description Improvements (sharper, more powerful, more sensual)
  • Rewriting
  • Proofing
  • Editing
  • Freelance Writing
  • Online Writing
  • Writing Ideas Help
  • Author Publishing Consultant [Self-Publishing].

FEES VARY to each client's individual project(s)' details and necessities. Please, just ask.

--through NS Elance (below), NS Guru (below), or Neale ns [at]



  1. Writing Advice
  2. Novel writing advice
  3. Creative writing advice
  4. Creative writing tips
  5. Creative writing ideas
  6. Creative writing fixes
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Neale Sourna resume with story / job links.

Freelancer site profiles and portfolios.


    Your screenplay, novel, or screenplay into novel, your dialog and visuals need hardcore writing and intense character rebuilding or revisualization.

    In your writing erotica, writing romance, erotic writing, too, it needs its to have hypnotic. sensual (all your senses) and emotional impact to have more power over your reader; so, invest in fine writing and great storytelling that makes your reader feel and experience.

    Problems with one character or many characters?

  • Are they "off"?
  • "Not gelling?"
  • "Out of step?"
  • Or are they "frozen" or "lifeless,"and not "real enough"

We can work on that. I can help you improve that.

Or I can take over and give you a rewrite that'll help.

So, if you need:

  • a writer,
  • a rewriter,
  • a ghostwriter,
  • a writing consultant, perhaps
  • a mini coach for just a few hours of writing/character/plotting advice

    Or author or self-publishing advice

    For a "kick start" or "kick in the pants," to help you with your fiction or your voice in both fiction and nonfiction, make contact.

    If you're truly ready to be serious about investing in and doing the very best for your project, contact me; when you want a voice that's strong, profound, and farseeing--whether scifi/adventure, romance, spiritual, or drama (with or without humor / humour).

Quality pricing gets you quality writing; by byline or ghost (ghostwriting). 

Neale Sourna resume with story / job links.

Neale Sourna resume with story / job links.

"I will not fear.

Fear is the mindkiller.

Fear is the little death

That brings total Oblivion.

I will permit my fear to pass

Over me and through me.

And where it has gone

I will turn the inner eye.

Nothing will be there

Only I will remain."© 

_from Frank Herbert's DUNE 

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medium and hard erotica / sensual romance / romantic erotica

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soft erotica / sensual romance / romantic erotica and general fiction

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Other projects Neale Sourna has written and have been published beyond PIE.

I also have for your enjoyment sexy softcore, HARDcore, and a little nonfiction, too.

Fiction and nonfiction written for and published by others:

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